Star Army: White Devils

Mission 3

Bringing the Fight to the Enemy

Raring for a fight, the White Devils call in the entire platoon and go looking for the source of the Hishen attacks. There are some buildings in the stony wastes to the north that would make a good temporary base, so that’s where they look. The approach is pretty open, but the ’Devils are fleet-footed enough to make it to cover before trouble finds them.

And it does! An entire platoon of Hishen lying in wait!


Well, that’s unfortunate, but nothing the White Devils can’t handle. At least it… Wait! Another Hishen squad in defensive position!


That’s fine. The White Devils like a challenge. Now they just need to…. CRAP!

An entire second Hishen platoon dug in and waiting! I blame spies!

(Also, a bunker. How’d that get there?)


What now? Well, the plan was to sit tight, pick off that first platoon as it approaches, and hope for reinforcements or an airstrike or something, but help wasn’t coming. Instead, the Hishen got another squad behind cover. A few of the White Devils thought to throw grenades (should have thought of that earlier) but were mowed down as soon as they poked their shiny, white heads out of cover.

12 men out of the fight, 4 obviously dead. Maybe we go back to waiting after all.


And yet, more grenades. With a bit of luck, the ’Devils manage to blindly throw grenades at the Hishen scaring some and killing more. This might just do the trick, if they can keep the Hishen from returning the favor…



Ludanto Ludanto

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