Star Army: White Devils

Breykin II: Mission 1
Patrolling the Foothold on Breykin II

With the Hishen threat growing, Gaea Prime takes proactive measures to protect the inner rings.

An assault is launched against the Hishen-controlled planet of Breykin II to establish a Foothold that will allow the Star Army to capture this planet.

Landers touch down in a wooded area and the 1st Squad of the 1st Platoon of the White Devils Company begins a scouting mission to find priority targets and get a read of the enemy strength in the area.

Campaign Morale and Investment are 3 and 2 respectively for both sides. 1st Squad doesn’t have a Star on the board.


The Star Army squad rushes through the trees, trying to make it to the other side as quickly as possible. There was some concern that there might be contact at the forest’s edge, but nothing was encountered.


Before clearing the treeline, the SA squad took up cover in the woods with a view to the east and were rewarded, spotting a Hishen squad also on patrol, probably looking for them.



The grenadier and rapid-fire laser made short work of the Hishen squad, killing two outright, seriously injuring two more, and sending the remainder running for the hills (literally).


Unfortunately, the rest of the Hishen force escaped to report the SA presence, so the SA squad rushed to complete their mission, sweeping up and across the northern segment of the engagement area and then back toward HQ to report.

Star Army got the intel it needed, but unfortunately warned the enemy of their presence.

No change in Campaign Morale or Investment Level.

It’s time for an attack!

Mission 3
Bringing the Fight to the Enemy

Raring for a fight, the White Devils call in the entire platoon and go looking for the source of the Hishen attacks. There are some buildings in the stony wastes to the north that would make a good temporary base, so that’s where they look. The approach is pretty open, but the ’Devils are fleet-footed enough to make it to cover before trouble finds them.

And it does! An entire platoon of Hishen lying in wait!


Well, that’s unfortunate, but nothing the White Devils can’t handle. At least it… Wait! Another Hishen squad in defensive position!


That’s fine. The White Devils like a challenge. Now they just need to…. CRAP!

An entire second Hishen platoon dug in and waiting! I blame spies!

(Also, a bunker. How’d that get there?)


What now? Well, the plan was to sit tight, pick off that first platoon as it approaches, and hope for reinforcements or an airstrike or something, but help wasn’t coming. Instead, the Hishen got another squad behind cover. A few of the White Devils thought to throw grenades (should have thought of that earlier) but were mowed down as soon as they poked their shiny, white heads out of cover.

12 men out of the fight, 4 obviously dead. Maybe we go back to waiting after all.


And yet, more grenades. With a bit of luck, the ’Devils manage to blindly throw grenades at the Hishen scaring some and killing more. This might just do the trick, if they can keep the Hishen from returning the favor…


Mission 2
Defending the Fort

After the disastrous scouting mission which ended with the death of half of the squad, the White Devils first squad scrambled back to base to report its findings.

Unfortunately, the Hishen forces are close behind, and arrive in the night, seeking to slip by the Star Army outpost before they can raise a proper alert. With the squad and a half (and the machinegunner) that were left at the station, the Star Army sets up in defense of the tree line.


With the forest and the darkness, the Star Army troops almost don’t see the Hishen coming. A false alarm to the right gives way to a sneaking squad up the center.


But solid shooting (and a well-placed grenade) kill most of the intruders and send at least one to hide in the trees. (Hishen cannot take a grenade, let me tell you.)


The remaining PEF resolves as nothing. Meanwhile, the two remaining Hishen in the open make a run for the cover of the woods, but get gunned down before they can make it there.


Now’s our chance! Members of both squads rush forward to check the Hishen for dead. Of course, the sneaky bastards are ready for us. A last-gasp shot from an assault rifle kills one trooper, while a hidden grenade injures another. Overconfident, several members of second squad charge into the trees only to be cut down by the Hishen hiding there. But soon, it too falls.


A victory, but at what cost?

Only one grunt from second squad dies. The others manage to pull it together.

A successful defense brings my star’s fame up to 1. Woot!

Enemy Campaign Morale drops to 2!

Time to go on Patrol and find where those jerks are hiding.


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